Friday, 18 February 2011

David Beckham

The football world was buzzing last night when David Beckham appeared through the revolving doors of his hotel wearing spectacles.

david beckham1

Looking every inch a geek in his wide horn-rimmed glasses, Becks strolled out for a night on the town with wife Victoria in New York.

david beckham2

This is the first time Beckham, 36, has been seen sporting the 'four-eyed' look, but dressing-room insiders at LA Galaxy have been speculating about his eyesight for some time.

david beckham

"Becks has been squinting for quite a while now," says former Galaxy star Clint Dempsey, "His crosses have been awry the last season - he never seems to see me when I make a run into the box. To see him in specs isn't a surprise."

David Beckham

A close friend agrees "Becks has been seen around town with a lot of women, but he swears they were all Victoria. If he's having problems with his eyesight, then that would explain a lot."    Top Premiership manager Harry Redknapp remarked, "If David needs glasses then I'm sure there's still a great future for him in the Premiership - as a referee."

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